Hot Topics Roundtable: MLR Review and Approval – Leading the Way to the Digital Future Through Process Optimization, Technology and Automation

MLR is function in the content lifecycle as it ensures quality and compliance of materials being disseminated internally or externally. Traditionally organizations have been conservative in making changes to the tried and trusted ways fearing the risk involved.

But with the advent of digital channels as well as the focus on personalization the volume of content being reviewed has increased manifold without concomitant increase in resources to approve them. Coupled with the aspirations of the highly qualified Medical Affairs resources to do more strategic work has led to the perfect storm.
Organizations are taking different pathways to challenge the status quo – from taking more risk-based approach; process optimization to focus internal staff to do more strategic work while outsourcing the technical review; and using technology and automation to deliver efficiency.

The cross functional panel comprises of experts from the industry who have implemented one or more of the above approaches. They will be able to share learnings, best practices as well as practical advice to anyone considering alternate approaches to their MLR Review and Approval process to be future-ready and to lead the way for rest of the organization.

March 22 @ 16:45
16:45 — 17:30 (45′)

Celestin BC, Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Georgios Tramountanis, Sudy Vengarai