Hot Topics Roundtable: Redefining MSL Excellence: Has the Pandemic Been the True Accelerator of Change?

MSL excellence is a well recognised term within the industry and it has been five years since we launched an excellence framework which has been used by companies worldwide to support their goal of achieving MSL excellence.

Over the last 12-18 months there have been a number of much talked about themes around the impact of the pandemic and the challenges for individuals and organizations. Together with our speaker colleagues, we will address the following critical questions which are of relevance to every company, irrespective of size:

How do we define MSL excellence today?
How might excellence have been impacted by the pandemic and what are the implications for the future?
What are the challenges for leadership vs MSLs?
How can you identify the needs and priorities of your organization and the people working within it?

The session will be highly interactive, mixing speaker perspectives, debate and audience interaction.

March 22 @ 16:45
16:45 — 17:30 (45′)

Hyatt Regency New Orleans