Hot Topics Roundtable: Optimizing Global Field Medical Engagement: Bringing an Innovative Idea to Life

Field-based medical teams are tasked with conducting scientific exchange with key opinion leaders in various locales around the globe. Faced with a medical knowledge base that is rapidly expanding, the need to keep up to date with their organization’s scientific platform, and access content readily, being adequately prepared for an interaction with an expert is sometimes a daunting task. This workshop highlights the efforts undertaken by a mutlifunctional group of stakeholders to a) identify the needs of a global team of field-based medical colleagues, b) leverage their understanding to design a purpose-built application, c) test and validate its utility in multiple contexts, d) communicate the application’s value internally across the organization and e) scale its implementation to appropriate audiences. Attendees will learn how to utilize User Experience/Research in planning medical affairs initiatives as well as the considerations when working with multiple entities in the development and implementation of a global plan. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with an anonymized prototype of the application to demonstrate key concepts.
March 22 @ 16:45
16:45 — 17:30 (45′)

Hyatt Regency New Orleans