Hot Topics Roundtable: Position Yourself for Success/Branding, Manners and Intelligence

Pre-pandemic meetings for scientific exchange logistics and challenges now seem so antiquated.The Medical Science Liaison (MSL) had to be engaging in front of a live audience, with expressive hand gestures and body language resonating, knowing which side of the PowerPoint presentation to stand, and so importantly, how to have that impactful discussion. These details were paramount to a deemed successful interaction.

Then suddenly, the MSL world of travel, food, entertainment, and that in-person events offer, came to a screeching halt. The frontier of virtual communication began. It was a difficult transition for many. This was time to position yourself as that valuable resource of needed scientific information in these unprecedented times. Getting the appropriate time to request a virtual exchange with the competing priorities of healthcare professionals (HCPs) became more than daunting task. For group meetings, attendance was the first hurdle. Without the boondoggle travel, food, and entertainment that in-person events offer, rustling up attendees will require that your organization promises and gives your attendees something they need. Relevance is the key word. Sessions need to be extremely pertinent, meaty, and brief. Whether virtual or in person, the MSL needs to position yourself in a way that is memorable, personable, and relevant. This workshop will provide tangible methods to position yourself for success in medical communications.

March 22 @ 16:45
16:45 — 17:30 (45′)

Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Marieke Jonkman, Susan Malecha