Symposium: Medical Affairs’ Broadening Strategic Role to Establish the Successful Transition from Development to Commercialization

Medical Affairs is now accepted as one of the most important competencies of our business. Today, success in pharma requires a significantly different operating model than the old salesforce-physician model. Our industry is being driven by clinical outcome- and value-based evidence that is changing the face of the business.

As a function, Medical Affairs is driving scientific exchange and evidence generation with an ever-expanding community of external stakeholders such as scientific experts, health authority bodies, payers and patients.

As Medical Affairs integrates this wealth of external insights into a consolidated and aligned strategy to guide its own global activities, it also needs to align with Commercial and R&D colleagues. Through governance and operational excellence, Medical Affairs ensures that information is shared across organizations to enhance the effectiveness and impact of all respective groups.

This increasing strategic role requires that medical affairs professionals must continue to build on the range of capabilities that enable them to act as orchestrators of company strategy with R&D and Commercial functions.

This plenary session provides a discussion on this increasingly important role by drawing on the perspectives of a panel of experienced medical affairs professionals with understanding from both small to big pharma and biotech across a local, regional and global perspective.

March 22 @ 10:45
10:45 — 12:15 (1h 30′)

Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Anna Waltz, Marija Simin Geertsen, Rebecca Harmon, Simon Kyaga, Sonal Bhatia, Surinder Singh, Wendy Kampman