Symposium: Medical Affairs: From Supporting Actor to Lead Role Are YOU ready to proactively shape asset strategy?

For years, Pharma Sales and Marketing departments have led the way in defining strategy, positioning products, and resourcing the market development and promotional effort. While Medical Affairs has been a part of the process, its role has typically focused more on ensuring the strategy is safe, compliant, and backed up by the science.

But we can do better. We have seen that when Medical Affairs (MA) and Commercial teams collaborate fully, the results are amazing. Indeed, deploying a long-term medical strategy that is in service of the overall company vision for a company’s brands enables relationships with Key Opinion Leaders to flourish and lays the groundwork for new medicines to be made swiftly available to patients who need them.

So why is it that in many Pharma companies there is a tension between MA and Commercial that gets in the way of co-creating an effective, compliant, and impactful commercialization strategy? In this session, leading industry experts will answer these key questions:
• Why do tensions exist
• What are the challenges for MA and their colleagues in Commercial
• What do Commercial leaders want from MA
• What needs to happen for these divisions of Pharma to work well together
• Why is it more important than ever to find ways to collaborate and engage with each other
• How can MA take the first step

Join us to find out how MA is evolving to play its role in becoming an equal partner in building, communicating, and implementing company strategy.

March 21 @ 15:30
15:30 — 17:00 (1h 30′)

Celestin BC, Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Danie Du Plessis, Denise Chambley, Jessica Nora, Marco Taglietti, Suzanna Lawrence