Symposium: Learning from Other Industries on How Digital can be an Accelerator for MA

This symposium will showcase experts from diverse industries (some of them as regulated as Pharma) who will highlight specific applications of digital strategies in their respective companies. These applications will then in turn be used to generate discussion and ideas for how Medical Affairs could implement them to be leaders of digital.

The representative from banking industry will showcase the application of conversational AI-based chat bot that can be the idea for self-service in medical information. Marketing communication agencies are great examples for creating personalized, omni-channel content. Finally, financial services use analytics to generate deep insights into the consumers of their services to provide tailored and personalized capabilities.

The moderators will connect the dots from the diverse industries into the medical affairs’ space.

March 22 @ 10:45
10:45 — 12:15 (1h 30′)

Celestin GH, Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Akarsh Sakalaspur, David Dylan Thomas, Sameer Lal, Selene De La Cruz, Stacey Gorski