From Patient-Centric to Patient Inclusive: Guiding this Important Transformation

Over the last decade, pharma has made great strides toward patient centricity, with major reforms for ease of patient access to treatment as well as in payment and reimbursement processes. However, is getting patients on a drug of choice enough?

In a recent study, What Do Patients Want, and Is Pharma Delivering? — by BCG and co-sponsored by AstraZeneca — only 44% of 3200 patients reported that their needs are being met.

Which are the areas of unmet needs for patients? And what can pharma do to meet these needs over and above access to treatment? The opportunity lies in a direct-to-patient engagement approach in collaboration with patient advocacy groups and HCPs.

This session will present as a case study a new model for dissemination of patient-level education —an initiative involving the Association of Community Cancer Centers, the leading education and advocacy organization for the cancer care community, in partnership with AstraZeneca and Cactus Life Sciences.

As a contrasting case study, we will also present a patient group who, without the backing of big pharma, themselves create education material through an advocacy network that focuses on cutting-edge research, new clinical trials, and legislative action.

This session will feature a well-rounded panel of experts including Medical Affairs, HCP, and patient advocacy representatives who collectively embody the novel dialogue-based approach to putting the patient first.

March 22 @ 08:30
08:30 — 10:00 (1h 30′)

Celestin F, Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Elvira Dsouza, Jessica Klein, Leigh Boehmer, Lily Chu, Maarten Beekman