The Future is Now: Measuring and Communicating the Medical Productivity Index (MPI)

Most Medical Affairs (MA) organizations 1) separate performance from culture in their metrics which they measure retrospectively vs. prospectively; 2) do not quantify or communicate all their contributions, and are 3) held to standard/static goals that do not adjust for their particular ecosystems. Thus, latest surveys indicate that most MA teams and their cross-functional colleagues do not clearly remember MA’s direct impact on business outcomes, do not relate the MA contributions to their metrics/value, and do not react in a timely manner to insights or contributions that may be actionable. Thus, to stay relevant and competitive as a modern MA organization today, it requires: 1) changing organizational norms of frequency of communication and collaboration, 2) aligning MA metrics, objectives, incentives, to updated policies to design them for relevance to future behaviors or strategy, and 3) implementing a robust Learning and Development framework that spans across technical and life skills, featured continuously rather than presented as an episode. Therefore, this workshop addresses the age-old dilemma of clearly communicating and quantifying the qualitative role of MA across the different functions head-on and in detail. The session will review relevant de-identified business case studies, generate a prototype Medical Productivity Index (MPI) model that may be customized to elevate performance and engagement and will initiate a 2022 MPI task force.
March 21 @ 10:45
10:45 — 12:15 (1h 30′)

Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Peter Piliero, Suzanne Giordano, Tim Mikhelashvili