Non-Implantable Medical Device Evidence Generation to Dissemination: Are You Ready to Learn How to Use Evidence to Advance Your Strategy and Credibility?

The post pandemic paradigm shift is real and is affecting how we do business in healthcare. In response to this shift, Hillrom has developed a vision and strategy for evidence generation and dissemination for non-implantable medical devices and solutions which is inclusive of becoming a thought leader dedicated to advancing the science and understanding of clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies by disseminating high-quality scientific knowledge using customer success, real world evidence, and evidence-based research to engage our customers by communicating science to become a trusted resource of knowledge. Engage us in our mission at Hillrom focusing on patient centered care to enhance outcomes for patients and caregivers and learn more about the strategies and processes to support this shift in evidence generation and dissemination in these unprecedented times.
March 21 @ 10:45
10:45 — 12:15 (1h 30′)

Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Carlos Urrea, Cherine Duehren