Hidden Gem: Medical Information as a Strategic Asset

Pharmaceutical companies continuously engage key healthcare stakeholders through various personal and non-personal channels; however, the options for how these stakeholders proactively reach pharmaceutical companies remain limited. Nonetheless, medical information (MI) is the outlier: it is one of the most prominent means of communication for patients, physicians and caregivers to engage pharma companies. MI has been a powerful resource for up-to-date, accurate and appropriate information on medicines.

But despite its success, MI capabilities have rarely been used to realize its strategic power as a tool to improve stakeholder experience, access key information on customers and generate insights to help patients and physicians. Medical Affairs organizations have an opportunity to re-envision their MI capabilities to enhance patients’, physicians’ and healthcare professionals’ experiences while providing accurate and personalized information.

Our plenary session will bring industry experts together to engage an interactive discussion with the audience to discuss real world examples of how MI can be elevated as a strategic asset. Our discussion is structured to define a vision for the medical information and lay out a pathway for action to achieve this vision with a “human centered” approach that is empowered by technological advancements. The main objective is for audience to have 2 or 3 takeaways that they can implement immediately.

March 23 @ 09:45
09:45 — 11:15 (1h 30′)

Hyatt Regency New Orleans, Imperial 5CD

Bora Erdemli, Chi Chang, Julia Petses, Laurent Malivert