Workshop: Unleashing the Potential of Omnichannel Strategy in Medical

The future of scientific engagement will involve an expanded set of medical stakeholders across a range of touchpoints that are increasingly more digital. Customers expect a multi-channel experience in which personalized, interactive content – responsive to feedback – is delivered when and where they want it. In our collaborations across the industry, we have identified top omni-channel challenges, which we seek to address via a gamified workshop at MAPS 2022. Those pitfalls include:
• Reluctance or avoidance to the concept of medical stakeholder segmentation
• Lack of consideration of channels beyond emails, calls and F2F visits
• Inability to coordinate touchpoints across channels and content types
• Exacerbation of these challenges, and more, in a COVID environment
Participants in the session will gain a holistic understanding of what a true omni-channel experience looks like and how to equip their Medical teams to build effective plans via a gamified and practical experience. This workshop will be centered on our “Medical Orchestrator” strategic board game (both virtual and F2F), in which participants form small teams and take on the role of a pre-launch product medical team. The teams will then work together to design and deploy their omni-channel engagement strategy to bring their external medical stakeholders along a scientific knowledge ladder. Finally, the groups will come together to reflect on learnings and discuss what they would do differently.
March 23 @ 11:30
11:30 — 13:00 (1h 30′)

Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Andy Higgins, Jenny Kuo, Lori Mouser, Rich Swank