Workshop: Addressing Opportunities and Challenges That Enable Medical Affairs to Play a Key Role in Driving a Patient-Centric Culture

Medical Affairs is uniquely positioned to play a key role in championing patient centricity. Professionals have not only the medical/scientific knowledge and direct patient care experience, but also the passion and the ability to work cross -functionally with critical groups to embed a patient centric culture.

The challenges that they face in playing such a strategic role are multifaceted, ranging from lack of organizational awareness and authority, organizational constraints and resistance, lack of resources (financial and personnel), conflicting priorities, uncertainty in navigating complex compliance and assessing risk. The key opportunities and solutions are based on the foundation of recognizing that patients are the true experts of their condition, and that we need to work with them in a model of true partnership.
Prior workshops focused on discrete examples and good practices for certain patient-centric initiatives such as clinical design input and understanding of burden of disease. Some time was devoted to addressing some of the real and perceived compliance challenges. The feedback we received from the workshop was to broaden our focus, in the next workshop, on the role medical affairs can play in championing a patient centric culture and also how to overcome some of the compliance challenges (real or perceived) in doing so.

March 23 @ 11:30
11:30 — 13:00 (1h 30′)

Celestin GH, Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Betsy Williams, Leonard Valentino, Lilly Stairs, Roslyn Schnrider, Suz Schrandt